Coaching With Courtney
I love connecting and coaching people through conversations (real or virtual). My goal is to make fitness and nutrition approachable and fun and to make a healthy lifestyle simple for people.
Are you part of a team, company, gym, or group 
or have an audience who is:
interested in healthy, fitness and nutrition?
looking to lose weight and finally get healthier?
wants to learn how to make fitness and nutrition a simple and easy part of their life?
hoping someone can help clear the confusion about what they should and shouldn't be eating?
stuck wonder where they should even start?

I am here to answer all of these questions and more. I would love to create a workshop for you and your team, a presentation for your mastermind group, a keynote for a business lunch or whatever your needs may be. I am always glad to custom design.
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Signature Talks
#1) The Power Of Habits To A Healthier & Fitter You!

In this exclusive, behind-the-curtains look at sustainable fat loss, you’ll discover the strategies the healthiest and fittest of the fit rely on to stay that way forver. You’ll learn the 5, most impactful habits, that require you to do less than you think but pay off in a big way. I also share a few success stories that her clients have enjoyed – things they did that you can use in your new health journey!

I’ll share:
The power of the domino effect. 
Discover how to recongize what your "biggest rock" is that needs to be addressed. 
How to have your cake and eat it too.
Why exercising and eating smarter is better at producing long term results than working out harder and eating less.

Ideal for:
Those just starting out on a new healthier lifestyle or are confused by so much information they don't know what their first step should be. 

45/60 minutes
Additinal Topics
  • Nutrition - No more confusion, get clear on what really matters when it comes to nutrition and what is just being told to you to make a quick buck. 
  • Training - What modes of training are actually effective and helpful for specific goals.
  • Habit Change - Why motivation is failing you and how to change and build newer, better habits.
  • Mindset Change & Shifts - All change starts from the most influential tissue in our bodies, our brains. Learn how to harness and foster your thoughts to make major shifts in your life and health. 
Team building
Whatever you or your teams current fitness level, I can help bring your team to the next level. My team building workout has increased performnce, self-esteem, morale, and team work of some of the top businesses in the Tri-state area. Through the session, we will work on giving quality hard work, develop team work, excitement for one-another, and develop each individual, as well as, the team's ability to take on challenges in life and buisness. 

This fun and exciting workout are designed to foster communication, encouragement, team work, and mental fortitude while challenging both your muscles are cardiovascular fitness. 

If your team is looking to build both mental and physical strength, feel healther, sweat, laugh and come together, this teambuilding workout is for you! 

45/60/90 minutes
What Others Had to say
Reviews from
The presenter was very good, lively and informative and gave us a practical, common sense approach to eating and exercise
Will definitely incorporate some of Courtney’s suggestions into my daily life – easy to understand, and I hope, easy to stick with! Looking forward to great results!!
Really enjoyed this speaker – would definitely attend any of her presentations. She is enthusiastic and engages her audience. I especially liked the way she shook everyone’s hand individually and introduced herself.

Thanks again for coming out and speaking with us – I’ll keep in touch regarding future presentations as we get into the new year.
Reviews from
Courtney Amburg visited our company, LiteCure LLC, in Delaware,  to speak at one of our regular lunch and learn sessions.

Many of my co-workers struggle with their weight and health. Several have tried myriad diets, work outs and eating plans, mostly with transient results at best.
Courtney’s approach of developing common sense habits, setting realistic goals and generally cutting through all the diet industries nonsense, was very well received.

Everyone enjoyed her energy, enthusiasm and knowledge. Courtney created a judgement free space, that informed and motivated all the attendees.
Would not hesitate to recommend having Courtney talk to any group of people concerned about leading a healthier lifestyle. .
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